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Within the walls of the UZ Brussel there are of course a lot of paramedics at work. Amongst them, you will find:


Around 35 physiotherapists work in the hospital, distributed among various departments. They have a very wide range of treatment possibilities at their disposal, ranging from neuro-stimulation for neonates and mobilisation methods for back patients, through to rehabilitation of geriatric patients. These forms of treatment can be given either in a team or individually. Cooperation with other members of staff is essential. Lifelong learning is encouraged by means of professional in-service training.


As audiologists, we are mainly found in the hospital’s ear, nose and throat department. Seeing as we test both adults and children, you will find us both in the outpatients’ clinic for adults and in the child hospital. A multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment is often adopted, which means we are also regularly to be found in other departments: the neonatology ward, the intensive care ward, the operating theatre and the maternity ward.


Since 2008 the UZ Brussel has committed itself to an umbrella Clinical Psychology Department, which represents the hospital’s clinical psychologists and remedial educationalists who are working in the medical departments of the UZ Brussel.

In the hospital there are some 60 psychologists working in these departments.

In the University Hospital psychologists provide help to hospitalised patients and outpatients and support other professional groups.

  • the therapeutic task: psychotherapy, support, counselling and relief
  • the evaluation task: testing, diagnostic assessment: evaluation scales, neuropsychological and personality diagnosis, drafting of opinions and reports, etc.
  • psychoeducation (providing information and insight) and prevention with regard to patients and family.
  • support and exchange of viewpoints within the multidisciplinary teams.

Training, work-placement supervision and scientific research also form part of the psychologist’s duties.

Working in a stimulating university-hospital setting, the multidisciplinary teams, the bio-psychosocial view, the in-service training and research possibilities, the attention paid to the profession of psychologist and the psychologist as an individual, the expertise of colleagues and team members, and the support provided by the umbrella psychology department – all these factors serve to make the UZ Brussel a stimulating employer.


In the UZ Brussel the dieticians mainly work clinically, both in the general and technical support service (diet department) and in the diabetes clinic. Every day the dieticians give bedside advice in all the wards, and collectively perform more than 3,000 diet consultations every year.

There are currently three dieticians working as diabetes educators in the diabetes clinic and some 15 in the diet department, each with a specialisation of their own, such as oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, paediatrics, and so on.

A specific characteristic of the UZ Brussel is that dieticians are able to work in a clinical, scientific and multidisciplinary context, in respect of both hospitalised patients and outpatients. It is a very varied job that involves contacts with patients, doctors and paramedics but also with administrative employees and kitchen staff.

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