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Technical Department

The Technical Department is responsible for:

“Development, Projects & Studies”. This comprises the development and coordination of new projects. These can be both small ad hoc projects and large projects for which the necessary studies and analyses need to be made in the long term (for example, the Master Plan, medical developments within a specific field, architectural developments, etc.).

“Technical services”. These are specific interventions performed by the technical department relating to all kinds of matters: replacement of lights, repainting of rooms, etc.

“Technical building management”. This involves guaranteeing the operational safety of the building and its installations in the medium and long term (maintenance, prevention, etc.).

The Biotechnical Department takes care of the technical management and maintenance of medical technical apparatus and devices, and also has an advisory and interactive role when it comes to the purchase of new medical technical apparatus and devices. This department is also responsible for the monitoring of the maintenance contracts for and general management of medical technical apparatus and devices, and moreover has an advisory role in the field of patient safety.


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