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Warm Employer


UZ Brussel is a warm employer. What does the stand for?

W: WORTH: being good at your job and gaining in skills in above all a question of receiving and expressing a sense of worth, in relation to your boss, patients and colleagues.

A: AMBITION: at UZ Brussel we do not stand still. We constantly strive for change so as to fulfil our mission – to provide the best possible patient care. Passionate and engaged staff are the core elements here.

R: RESPECT: the key word from our ‘Mission, Vision and Values: respect for the patient, our environment, your colleagues, diversity, etc.

The right to self-determination is one of the best illustrations of our respect for the patient as a human being. At both the start and the end of an individual’s life, this attitude really makes a difference. But our resolve to adopt our own approach, which implies respect for the opinions of other people, is also an expression of respect.

M: MOTIVATION: in what we do we provide feedback designed to do better, to develop and achieve results. An appropriate wages policy also provides motivation. Those who so wish are given the opportunity to grow and to fulfil their potential. The hospital encourages staff to following training courses and engage in job rotation.

E: ENERGY: getting down to work energetically, doing your job with enthusiasm, expressing this, not shirking your tasks and helping to give others energy.

At UZ Brussel hospital a host of initiatives are taken on a voluntary basis. Volunteers support oncology patients, dialysis patients are encouraged to participate in the Ronde van Vlaanderen cycling event, amateur artists present their creations to colleagues at the New Year reception, etc. UZ Brussel organises internal campaigns to encourage staff to exercise move and to eat more healthily.